Jan Dobrovský

Czech Republic

Jan Dobrovský (b. 1960) has been taking photographs since the late 1970s, when, as a teenager, he captured the moods of Prague under socialist neglect, abandoned and despoilt places, and the vanishing spirit of villages. In the 1980s, he succeeded, with the help of friends, including the brothers Ivan and Václav Havel, to organize an exhibition of his photographs, which escaped the attention of the secret police.

Dobrovský grew up in a family of dissidents, wrote fiction, and took part in the publishing of the samizdat editions of the Lidové noviny newspaper. After the Velvet Revolution of late 1989, he worked in the new editorial offices of Lidové noviny and, later, in the newsroom of Czechoslovak and then Czech Television. He was a strategist for local and foreign investors, and later became an independent investor himself. Although in the 1990s, he became less involved in photography and more involved in journalism and business, he never completely put down his camera and a few years ago returned to photography wholeheartedly. He takes mostly black-and-white documentary photos.


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