As well, as other art groups in past we, photographers of 400 ASA, have expressed our values and believes in manifesto. We believe, that even in 21st century there is a need for written goals and explanation, why we exist. If you are interested what we have in common, read our manifesto!    

A world-renowned and recognized Czech documentary photographer, Antonín Kratochvíl, was recently accused by several women (former colleagues), of having acted boorishly towards them. The VII Photo Agency, of which Kratochvíl is a co-founder, immediately suspended him and removed his work from its website and his name from its list of emeritus members. We, the members of the photographic association 400 ASA, of which Kratochvíl is an esteemed member, believe it necessary to speak out against this regrettable act. With his work, his photographs, and the course of his life, Kratochvíl has frequently demonstrated that he is a person of extraordinary creative

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