400 ASA: Photographs – Signed Exhibition Catalog – 1/77


Catalog for the first joint exhibition “400 ASA: Photos” organised by the National Gallery in Prague from 1.3 to 8.9. 2019.

Limited and numbered edition signed by founding members of 400 ASA. Only 77 examples.

“The main source used by the participating photographers consists of personal testimony and the opinions contained within it. The work of the 400 ASA collective thus applies to both the present and to the future. Although the past cannot really be easily transformed within the subject of the photographs, none of the photographers overlook the influence it has on the present day – and in no way do they capture mere social inertia that has only neutral consequences.”


English-Czech edition, with the introduction by curator Josef Moucha.

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Just on the basis of the principle behind their creative work, professional photographers are unique, each with their own individuality. When they do come together, they do so in order to do their work even better and therefore more independently. This is most definitely true of the founders of the 400 ASA collective – Karel Cudlín, Jan Dobrovský, Alžběta Jungrová, Antonín Kratochvíl, Jan Mihaliček, Tomki Němec, and Martin Wágner.

Although the members of this photography collective have gained their experience through findings that are so distinctively unique, no matter how their paths have differed, they all, without exception, base their work on the visuality of the communicated message. The associated texts enrich their photographic works only by providing facts that cannot be visually captured. The photographers are motivated by their desire to discover and reveal the concealed attributes of the world, or those parts that are not easy to access directly, and to catch them in action, or, even better, in the act. During their individual journeys, they pass by those areas benefitting mainly from tourism and thus lacking in originality. Even in this era of globalisation, they want to meet contemporaries who continue to live according to their own ways and therefore uniquely.


Publish date: 28.02.2019
Format: 250×290
Number of pages: 71
ISBN: 978-80-7432-450-5

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