Antonín Kratochvíl – AK47 02 Behind the God’s Curtain


The second volume of Antonín Kratochvíl’s monograph AK47 – Behind the God’s Curtain provides a broad insight into his work. The book contains many pictorial chapters and highlights the range of topics Kratochvíl documented during his professional life. There are also interviews with Kratochvíl and other texts in the publication.



Antonín Kratochvíl (*1947) is one of the most important personalities of contemporary photography. Antonin is devoted to humanistically oriented photography with artistic overtones. With camera in hand, he has traversed many of the world’s conflicts to capture the state of vanishing culture and the devastation of nature, as well as captivating photographic portraits of global celebrities such as David Bowie, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan and others. Kratochvil’s charismatic and empathetic vision of the contemporary world appeals to the emotions. He speaks unnervingly and evocatively about humanity and its upturned face, a reality highlighted for reflection. He is one of the founding members of the 400 ASA association.


Size: 420×380 mm

Number of page’s: 385

Photography: Antonín Kratochvíl

Publisher: Independent Solutions, a.s., 2023

Editor: Pavlína Vogelová

Text’s: Michael Persson, Pavlina Vogelová

Graphic Design: Jan Zachariáš, Atelijèur Půda

Prepress Color Management: Radim Václavíček

Print: Tiskárna Daniel / Atelijèur Půda

ISBN: 978-80-11-03975-2



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