Exhibition Opening November 23rd: Alžběta Jungrová – State of Mind

Although Alžběta Jungrová is one of the founding members of the 400 ASA association, she has not exhibited in our gallery so far. This will be remedied on Thursday, 23 November at 6 pm, with the opening of her documentary series State of Mind, in which she focuses on street photography in New York City.

The exhibition conveys Jungrová’s relationship to New York City, which she has been visiting since childhood. Immediately after the Velvet Revolution, in December 1989, her family took then eleven-year-old Alžběta to visit her great-grandmother in America. The Eastern European child’s fascination with pre-Christmas New York has never really worn off, and so she has been returning there regularly ever since – to study, to work, on holiday. For days and weeks at a time, she walks around the city for hours, shooting street photography – a kind of documentary work where the photographer focuses on the volatile images around her. She must react quickly and shut out everything else. Although visiting a vibrant city like New York may seem like just another stressful situation, for Jungrová it’s a heartfelt, meditative activity. It’s a state of mind.

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