Opening: Double vision – Jiří Macháček and David Urban

Join us on March 14th at 17:30 for the opening of the exhibition Double Vision by Jiří Macháček and David Urban, which was created as part of the Push Process programme.


400 ASA Gallery and Michael Academy have teamed up to support two young photographers at the beginning of their artistic careers.

The Michael Academy’s goal is to nurture creative and independent individuals who are poised for successful professional growth. Similarly we at 400 ASA believe that their first exhibition is a critical step for young photographers to not only showcase their work and build a name for themselves, but it is also a way for them to make important professional contacts in the industry. As part of the Push Process program, two young talents from the Michael Academy went through the preparation of the exhibition from the very beginning to the opening.

Jiří Macháček will exhibit his project Teraformation by Illumination, photographs full of mystery and symbolism. Most of them are found still lifes and objects undergoing decay, which create a kind of unreal, fantasy world in his photographs.

In the exhibition, David Urban will present a series of portraits from the series Against All, which were taken at political protests in the Covid and post-Covid era. They are neither a report on the event nor a sociological probe of the faces of the demonstrators, but an attempt to provide a deeper characterization of Czech society in the 2020s.

The exhibition Double Vision was created in collaboration with Karel Cudlín, Zdeněk Lhoták and Tomáš Třeštík with the help of Michael Academy and the 400 ASA association.

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