From April 12 to June 4, 2023, Milan Jaroš's exhibition TEĎ A TAM will be on display at our gallery 400 ASA in Smíchov. Greengrocers in the heart of Europe I like Czechia. As a child I wanted to be American because it was a free country and there are endless prairies, wild rivers, towering mountains and dense forests. But once I became interested in our history, and then criss-crossed the Czech Republic as a reporter, I liked our country better and didn’t want to live anywhere else. This is not at all an empty sentiment or an expression of idealism. A journalist

Our new book "Tears, Sweat, and La Putyka" captures the life of the circus group La Putyka during the COVID-era restrictions. It can be found in our online store and in our gallery, where an exhibition with the same title is being held until the end of February. Circus is a world full of emotions, which we aim to capture in this book. Despite circus performances being cancelled due to the pandemic, people in the circus did not give up their dream and continued to find ways to share their love of art and entertainment with others. This book showcases their

From 9. 12. 2022 till 28. 2. 2023 you can visit a exhibition of three photographers from the 400 ASA association, Karel Cudlín, Jan Dobrovský and Jan Mihaliček, who documented the struggle of the La Putyka circus ensemble during covid lockdowns. A record of the life of a circus that found itself without its spectators is forwarded by Jakub Železný's text. During a time that was almost liquidating for many cultural industries, the actors of the La Putyka circus company decided to continue their activities. Despite strict anti-covid measures that banned the gathering of people - and therefore made it completely

From 14. 10. to 5. 12. 2022 you can visit new exhibition of Antonín Kratochvíl - David Bowie in our 400 ASA gallery, located in Praha Smíchov - Kováků 32.   “I’m trying to find the light. You wanna come?” Bowie took a drag on his Marlboro. And they were gone. It’s 1997, and one day an extraordinary photographic fusion takes place between Antonín Kratochvíl and David Bowie in the Meatpacking District of New York City, resulting in a series of famous, iconic portraits. Two equals in their fifties, each living his own ups and downs in life, met that day on the set,

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