Although Alžběta Jungrová is one of the founding members of the 400 ASA association, she has not exhibited in our gallery so far. This will be remedied on Thursday, 23 November at 6 pm, with the opening of her documentary series State of Mind, in which she focuses on street photography in New York City. The exhibition conveys Jungrová's relationship to New York City, which she has been visiting since childhood. Immediately after the Velvet Revolution, in December 1989, her family took then eleven-year-old Alžběta to visit her great-grandmother in America. The Eastern European child's fascination with pre-Christmas New York has

The Memory of Light exhibition was supposed to end on October 31st. However, since there is a lot of interest in it, we decided to extend it until November 17th. Together with Martin Wágner, we will celebrate this joyous day with a finissage in the café of our gallery between 2 and 6 pm. From November 4th we will also be open on Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. Photo: Velvet Revolution, Zdeňka Císlerová, 1989 (black and white negative 35 mm)

The photographer and curator Martin Wágner has been collecting historical photographic negatives and slides from unknown authors and domestic archives as part of his "Negatives from the Trash" project. He digitises them and creates an image of life in the 20th century.  In the week prior to the opening of the exhibition “Memories of Light”, Martin Wágner invited the public to lend him their unprocessed photographic archives forgotten in their drawers, attics or cellars. He temporarily moved his studio equipment to the 400 ASA Gallery and he scanned and transferred the material into high quality digital form. The goal was to

Arkadiusz Gola is inseparably linked with his native Upper Silesia. A region in which Polish, Czech, German and Austrian influences intermingled for centuries, which went through a turbulent history and experienced the expansion and decline of heavy industry. A region well known as the Black Land because of its mining character. A region that Gola has been systematically depicting in his photographs for three decades, not only as black, but as black and white, as it shows the positive changes which brought three decades after the fall of the communist regime. In his raw black and white images, we see

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