Michał Szalast’s photo cycle of people with albinism from the Tanzanian island of Ukerewe on Lake Victoria challenges our usual ideas about the tragic lives of people who are hated, rejected and sometimes killed by their neighbours because of the colour of their skin. Thanks to his ability to gain the trust of the community he has been able to capture a naturalism that most photojournalists are unable to achieve in shorter periods of time in an exotic country. He became in effect an unobserved observer. His subjects are never actually posing but are living their lives in front of

The name of Viktor Kolář is tightly tied with Ostrava. It is tied with people and their incessant movement, as well as with their staled loneliness in the streets and squares of this industrial region. Through them, he not only captured the universal story transcending the city, but he also transformed the genre of documentary photography itself. The stories captured in his photos are sometimes alarming, but more often existential, civil, and poetic. "He lived abroad for long enough to see his country, and especially his home town Ostrava, in a global context. The price he paid for his return

All the profits from the sale of the book Lost Europe will go towards charity for Ukraine Photos in this book are capturing slowly wanishing Ukraine, long before the war. It is a walkthrough the past, capturing essence which we are yearning for, yet probably wouldn't either want or could live trough. Ukraine has right for its integrity and sovereign free choice about its future. With deep concerns we watch the courage of our friends with wich they are defending their mother land. We do recognize their desire for freedom in adverse to aggression of Russia. Therefore we have decide to give

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