Alžběta Jungrová

Czech Republic

Alžběta Jungrová (b. 1978) began to take photographs while at elementary school. She attended a secondary school specialized in graphic art (Střední průmyslová škola grafická) in Hellichova ulice, Prague, and later worked for the MF Dnes daily. Today she works for two Prague-based dailies, Hospodářské noviny and Lidové noviny. From 2000 to 2002 she lived in the United States and London.

She considers the basis of her work to be documentary photography and photojournalism, because she is interested in people and their lives. For her work she has travelled to a wide variety of faraway places and has often photographed in extreme situations. She waded through the largest rubbish dump in Cambodia, the sludge of the world’s largest shipbreaking yard, in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and also photographed armed children and civilians in the Gaza Strip and drug addicts on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and spent days with the Nukak people in the jungle of Columbia. For her photo reports about drugs on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border she received honourable mention in the Czech Press Photo competition, and for her series about children working in a brickyard in Peshawar, Pakistan, and for photographs taken in a Burmese refugee camp in Bangladesh she received an award from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

At present she works freelance, represented by 4D Photo, one of the most prestigious agencies in the field of commercial photography. She is currently working on several documentary projects and does photojournalism, advertising, fashion editorials, and portraits on commission.


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