EXHIBITION: 400 ASA: Simply Documentary

Exhibition “400 ASA: Simply documentary” in GHMP (House of Photography) is since 13.3. until further notice closed due to COVID-19 epidemic.

This new association of Czech photographers opted for the name 400 ASA in reference to the kind of film that is highly sensitive to light exposure. The exhibition 400 ASA: Documentary Photography examines the lives of various social groups, taking a closer look on the habitats they create for themselves. The exhibits are complemented by projections of other works by each of the participating photographers, selected from just one segment of their concurrent work programs. Karel Cudlín (*1960), Jan Dobrovský (*1960), Alžběta Jungrová (*1978), Antonín Kratochvíl (*1947), Jan Mihaliček (*1965) and Martin Wágner (*1980) view the nature of today’s world realistically, but each captures its mutability in his or her own way. As a guest, they have invited an Italian colleague and member of the famous Magnum Photos agency, the renowned photojournalist Paolo Pellegrin (*1964), to exhibit with them.

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