11.5. - 13.6.2021 Siberia is shrouded in mystery as is the origin of its name. It is a vast territory where political prisoners and scientists, who receive Nobel Prizes for their discoveries, live in extreme conditions. It is an expanse of

PAOLO PELLEGRIN Lecture of italian photo journalist/ Magnum Photos  15.11. - 18:30 City Library Prague – Small auditorium Mariánské náměstí 1, Praha 1, Czech Republic 400 ASA Agency invites you to a lecture by a world-renowned Italian photojournalist Paolo Pellegrin, member of the Magnum Photos.

A world-renowned and recognized Czech documentary photographer, Antonín Kratochvíl, was recently accused by several women (former colleagues), of having acted boorishly towards them. The VII Photo Agency, of which Kratochvíl is a co-founder, immediately suspended him and removed his work

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