Book Tears, Sweat, La Putyka

Our new book “Tears, Sweat, and La Putyka” captures the life of the circus group La Putyka during the COVID-era restrictions. It can be found in our online store and in our gallery, where an exhibition with the same title is being held until the end of February.

Circus is a world full of emotions, which we aim to capture in this book. Despite circus performances being cancelled due to the pandemic, people in the circus did not give up their dream and continued to find ways to share their love of art and entertainment with others. This book showcases their determination and the story of how they responded to the restrictions with their creativity. It also illustrates the depth of relationships that circus performers have with each other and with their audience.

We are very proud of this book and hope you will enjoy it. We would like to extend our gratitude to both the La Putyka circus and the Marvel studio, which was responsible for the book’s graphic design.

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